Interdepartmental Centre for Research in Viticulture and Enology

About us

CIRVE is the Italian acronym for Interdepartmental Centre for Research in Viticulture and Enology of Padua University , established in 2003 it's been developed researching in Viticulture and Oenology fields.

CIRVES's headquarter is located inside the Campus of Padua University - TESAF Department (acronym for Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry Department) in Padua Province, while the operative office is placed into the University Campus of Conegliano in Treviso Province; that is the production area of the well-know "Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene DOCG" , a relevant winemaking vocation Region.

The Centre shares with the Oenology High School "G.B. Cerletti" and "Veneto Agricoltura" (the Veneto Region Agency for the Agricultural field) an educational facilities equipped with chemical and microbiology laboratories, information rooms, winery with winemaking tanks and autoclaves for second fermentation process and an experimental distillery, and a modern and full optional area for wine tasting and sensory networking.

CIRVE's Director is Mr. Vasco Boatto, teacher of "Agricultural Economy and Policy" while the Scientific Committee Members is made up by the following teachers: Mr. Bailoni, Mr. Curioni, Mr. Pitacco, Mr. Dalla Fontana, Ms. Lucchin , Mr. Giacomini.






At CIRVE's University Campus of Conegliano, Italian and foreign students can attend the following educational trainings:

Following other education activities handled by the Centre during last year's:

  • Doctoral Degree/PhD Program in "Viticulture, Enology and marketing of the wine making companies";
  • Summer School Advances in Viticulture and Enology;
  • Second-level short specialization EuroMaster Degree in "Viticulture and Enology" in collaboration with VINIFERA EuroMaster ( an European educational network organized by a Consortium of Universities and Graduate Schools working in the wine sciences field).

Furthermore, CIRVE has realized many Projects thanks to government grants with the purpose of educate top recognition level business roles, as in the following case:

  • First level short specialization degree in "Technique and Communication of sparkling wines" with an educational training going from viticulture and enology topics to marketing and communication management fields;
  • "Challenge Program" concerning the Company management with matters like the socio-economic reconversion of territorial backgrounds, the corporate restructuring process, the changing managing and the strategic replacement.






The Centre is characterized by a well and expert staff coming from DAFNAE (acronym for Agronomy, Food, Natural Resources, Animals and Environment Department) and TESAF (acronym for Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry Department). Every year the team works with a cross-disciplinary approach developing various research topics concerning the Enological Microbiology, Enological Chemistry, Viticulture, Economy and Marketing; experimental activities are supported as well in CIRVE's laboratories.

CIRVE realizes nationally and world-wide Projects in collaboration with many governmental authorities such as the Experimental Viticulture and Oenological Centre, Veneto Agricoltura, the Ministry of Agriculture, Alimentary and Forestry Policies, Chambers of Commerce, Wine Producers Associations, Associations Networks like Coldiretti's Institute (the main Trade Union for the rights of the Italian Farmer), Confagricoltura (the Organization for the protection and representation of the Italian Factory Farmers), CIA - Confederazione Italiana Agricoltura (the Italian Farmer's Confederation); and with private agencies as well.

CIRVE has been consolidating relationships with nationally Research Centres and Universities, such as the University of Udine (Cormons), the University of Trento (S. Michele all'Adige), the University of Verona (S. Floriano) and many others located in Milano, Palermo and Marsala.

CIRVE has also matured strong relationships with many of the main International Research Centres such as those of Montpellier, Bordeaux, Geisemheim, Davis, Madrid, Poreč, Adelaide, Mendoza; and keeps profitable links with different foreign Countries (ex. Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Chile, etc.) and foreign Universities.

In particular, the Centre has stipulated an Agreement with "Oenoviti International" for the organization of a Network with the most relevant International Institutions for Higher Education and Research in Oenology & Viticulture to allow a direct contact among the best Researches and Scientists in the world. The Network includes around 37 Universities and Research Centres and it's coordinated by the University of Bordeaux Segalen.

Between 2008 and 2012, CIRVE has realized around 40 Projects, 6 thanks to government grants and 22 thanks to the regional authorities, and many other supported by private companies and foundations.







CIRVE leads in the Italian Viticulture field because of the Research Team, the dynamic experimental Projects, the training activities, like Master's Program and Summer School, the Erasmus Program and the International Workshops. One of the missions of the Centre is promoting and enhancing the Internationalization System among students, teachers and research teams, in order to provide them with all the necessary know-how to be competitive on the global market.

Thanks to the continue and systematic relationship with the local government, CIRVE has a prominent position in defining and influencing Viticulture and Oenological Italian strategic choices.